Last Minute Holiday Wish List!!!!

Holiday wish list

Christmas is just around the corner so although this was going to be a wish list like my wonderful friend over at You Can Always Start Now has written, this has quickly turned into a last minute gifting ideas (either things that you can still pick up THIS WEEK or experiences), for even more ideas check out A Wandaful thing who has 10 Christmas wish list ideas on her list, read along and see if there is anything on your wish list too.

Yoga is a wonderful adventure all on its own but imagine doing yoga in the south of France with the magnificent Estelle if you are looking for something you can wrap up then her art is the perfect addition to anyone’s home, check out Estelle’s beautiful seasonal  offerings

Keeping with the wonderful women of Nova Scotia another item on my wish list is from Sara Kelly Designs she has the most stunning Mala beads, bracelets and jewelry, and of course if you are into giving experiences then this is the perfect idea, you can participate in one of her “make your own Mala” workshops, where you have the experience but also get to keep the most gorgeous, one of a kind Mala

If experiences are your thing then you will have to jump on this next item right away because the tickets that are still available are limited Neptune Theatre has their take of Cinderella as their Christmas show this year and the reviews are fantastic, already extended once and if those who want lots of tickets are hoping for maybe again.

Another show that is sure to please anyone on the waterfront in the summer is at Nova Scotia Crystal their 2018 ornament is sure to delight any receiver, just make sure that you hang it on a sturdy branch

If its a Nova Scotia flare that you are after but beautiful crystal is not the look you are going for check out all the local stores that you can pick up some East Coast Lifestyle I know there will be some of these under our Christmas tree this year

Sticking with the Nova Scotia flare if the 19+ year old on your list is a wine lover than this is the gift that keeps on giving, Lightfoot & Wolfville has their wine club open to those who live near and far from the beautiful valley

If your loved one loves wine but is also a health guru then about giving them entry into the best of both worlds with the Brigadoon Villiage Wine & Dash, they can run/walk/stumble around to multiple vineyards and enjoy samplings of different wines while getting a great sweat on AND supporting the fabulous Brigadoon Village and if you don’t know what that is then take a look and fall in love yourself

If it is health and wellness that you are into then Christmas is the best time to gift someone with the gift that really keeps on giving, working out at home has never been easier, and the newest program launching only requires 20 minute (yes you read that right) 6 days a week, the results are amazing and this gift really will stick with your loved ones for life

Now if its delicious desserts and drinks with an experience like no other that you are after then check out The Middle Spoon head in for the treat of the holiday season, and if you are up for an adventure then explore how you can experience Noble as well

I hope that some of these help you knock of the last (of first) of your Christmas lists, I’d love to know what’s on your Wish List too, leave a comment below letting me know if you love any of these ideas and what last minute ideas you have (yes I’m still finishing my list too!)

***** Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year to you all *****





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